Love More

When I first started thinking about what things I want to change this year, this one kept coming up. Love more. Who couldn’t use more love? And really, how hard could it be to love more? Easy right? That’s what I thought, except this thought then ran through my head, and I suddenly didn’t know if I wanted to “Love More” this year:

To “Love More,” you must “Hate Less.”

I admit I liked the idea of Loving more, but to Hate Less required more of me than I was willing to give. I at first wanted to ignore that principle, and post some nice list that would score points with my wife, and maybe tonight I could “Love More!” After all isn’t that the goal of loving more? In my case unfortunately not. So below is a list of what I hope to love more this year, and my list of what to hate less. The second list wasn’t easy. And I guess if you made a list like that too, it wouldn’t be easy either. Give it a try.

Ways to Love More this Year

5. Show love by spending more time with my family. It’s easy to say, but for some reason tough to do. This year, I want to enjoy my wife and beautiful girls.

4. Intentional Love in Tough Situations. When those tough times come, it’s easy for me to loose my cool and not love.

3. Spread Love. Be infectious in spreading the love of Christ to those who have been blinded by the Evil one.

2. Prove Love. By spending more time in the Bible.  I’m not sure if that would “prove” anything, but you get my drift I hope.

1. Make Love.  Self explanatory.

Now for the tough List
Ways to Hate Less this Year

5. Forgive. We have all been hurt…probably this year.  I know that there are people in my life that I must forgive.  I don’t want to.  Those people have hurt me.  Deeply.  But this year if I am going to love more I must hate less.  And this is a start.

4. Forget. As hard as it is to do, I have got to force myself to forget.  Replace hateful memories with loving memories.  As much as I want to forget everything, I can’t do that, I must remember so that I will never do what’s been done to me.

3. Let it go. Just typing this blog is bringing back people into my mind that I hate.  I know we aren’t suppose to hate anyone, but if I’m completely honest with myself, I do hate some people.  I’ve got to let that go.  This blog isn’t letting it go.  I start tomorrow.

2. Cry. Be manly, or womanly and cry.  There is release in having a good cry.

1. Look Forward.  Stop dwelling on the past.  It’s not going to get you anywhere.

Hate kills Love.   And for me to love more this year, I’ve got to hate less.

    • glen
    • January 5th, 2008

    Non-christians seem to emphasize how love is “a feeling” and Christians tend to emphasize that love is “an action”. About the only thing that is clear to me about love is that it is both. Sometimes we act with love because we feel it, and sometimes we act with love even though we don’t. (Driscoll is beating around this when he says sometimes love is about happiness, but sometimes it’s about holiness.)

    I think the same thing is true with hatred. I pray to be able to forgive, and sometimes i can do it and sometimes i can’t. Forgetting is even harder. But there’s also a difference between showing forgiveness (which we’re called to do) and feeling it (which we can’t control).

    So good luck with your goal. It’s a noble one…but i hope you aren’t too hard on yourself if you can only muster the “showing forgiveness” and not the “feeling forgiveness”.

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