Live More

Ten thing I want to do this year to “LIVE MORE”

10. Whitewater Rafting with my closest friends. Now, I have been whitewater rafting before, but it was almost 6 years ago, and I remember how incredibly fun it was. Let’s do it again!

9. 50×50 In-n-Out with Richard. I’m a big guy and this isn’t going to help the health factor this year, but it’s been talked about for a while now, and it’s time to produce. Richard, get ready, 50×50 is coming.

8. Take a spontaneous trip more than 300 miles away from home. Like a spur of the moment trip to NYC, or a hey we have a couple days, let’s hit Disney. These tend to be a bit more difficult with children, but hey it’s more of an adventure that way.

7. Geocaching. I have friends who talk about this, and I think that I would dig it, so this year, I’m going to throw down a C note and buy that hand held GPS and start geocaching. For those of you who don’t have an idea what it is, the best way I can explain it, is it’s like hide-and-seek on crack…for adults.

6. Drop some lbs. I know its such a popular resolution, but it’s time. I tried last year to do the whole Body for Life deal, but at the time Life was just……sorry, no more excuses. Target weight for D’Art in 2008: 240 lbs.

5. Go camping with my family. Kellie and I have braved the woods before, but never with kids. This year might just be the year to take the family on a nice tent camping trip. The girls would love it….hahahaha.

4. Play more. Hide-and-Seek, tag, flag football, volleyball, lawn darts, red rover, basketball, lacrosse, Rook, Phase 10, spoons, speed Uno…

3. Regular Date Nights. The last couple of years, Kellie and I haven’t regurally gone out on Date Nights. I think it’s important and necessary. I love that girl. Date Nights = Living More!

2. Enlarge my circle of friends. I want to share this life with people I truly care about, and the more true friends you can do that with the better.

1. Enjoy the Mundane. It’s easy to enjoy the quick times, and it’s easy to gain from the hard times, but the mundane seems to get forgotten about. I believe that the mundane, while comfortable, can suck the life out of living, if you let it. Or it can be a place of intentional growth and life. I choose that one.

    • Brooke Ard
    • January 2nd, 2008

    GEOCACHING!! my team-teacher at the school i teach in created a club for the kids to geocache. i’m a member of the club and i go on field trips with the kids. they love it!! im so glad that you know about geocaching. most people look at me funny if i mention it! have fun geocaching. and check the kids out…we’re “crowders creek n seek”

  1. March 1st, 2008
  2. March 29th, 2008

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