The Process

New Years thoughts. 2008 was a year of process. Between the promise and the payoff there is always a process.  The process is the part where God goes silent, where you don’t know if you are still on the path, because all of a sudden you’re not walking anymore, but you’ve found yourself swimming, just trying to keep your head above water.  The process is the part where you feel like giving up, giving in, giving out, giving anything just to get some release from the pressure of life.  The process is where men are made, and boys die.  The process is the place where diamonds turn from just a lump of coal into the worlds most precious gem.  The process is where the magic happens.  And if I were to be true to myself, I would say that I hate the process.  No matter how beneficial the process is, whenever I’m in the process, it’s no fun.  It’s painful.  It bites.  I hate the process.

I’m guessing that 2009 will also be a year of process.  My hope for 2009 is that no matter how much I hate the process, that I’ll embrace it.  That I’ll learn from it.  That the process wouldn’t break me, but that it would shape me.  I hope that the pain of the process wouldn’t be lost, but that it would be driven to inspire.

My hope is the same for you.

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