Daddy Date Kadison Style

Tonight I had the incredible pleasure of taking my middle daughter Kadison on her very first “Daddy Date.”  Kadison wanted to do exactly what Dahson did on her Daddy Date.  But there were some modifications.  Here’s how it went down.

Stop 1. Red Robin.  Kadison like her big sister and her momma loves Red Robin.  When we arrived Big Red(Red Robin’s Mascot) was there, so off for a hug she went.  Great stuff, at least she didn’t scream her head off, maybe she’s grown out of that stage.  Man I hope so.  Mac & Cheese was on the menu tonight and some freckled lemonade.  Yum!  About half way through Kadison said she was tired and laid down on in the booth.  This is a common practice with 3 year olds, but this time we were alone, and on a date….I must be boring.  Anyway she sat up and finished her meal, and off we were.  Balloon in hand.

Stop 2. Petco.  Kadison loves animals, or as she calls them “Aminals.”  We looked around and watched the mice for a bit…interesting creatures those mice, they never stop moving.  We also saw the fish, some kittens, and birds.  It was fun.

Stop 3. Dippin’ Dot’s.  Again Kadison had to have ice cream like her big sister, and she also wanted the temporary tattoos they give out.  She got 3. 2 for her and 1 for Dahson.  Hey at least she is sharing one of them.  We shared a Banana Split bowl of Dippin’ Dot’s, and headed to stop number 4.

Stop 4. Starbucks.  “We have to get mommy coffee,” Kadison said.  So we went through the drive-thru and picked up mommy a drink.  There were antlers in the windows, and Kadison wanted to know why Starbucks was selling antlers.  I told her I had no idea.

On the way home, I asked Kadison if she had a good time, and she said that she just loves Daddy Dates, and wanted to know when we could go on another.  Yes!  I’m not boring after all.  I asked her what she learned, as I taught her the same 2 lessons that I taught Dahson; Boys open the doors for girls and no kissing on the first date.  So she said that she learned “Boys open the doors and girls close the doors.”  OK, I’ll give her an A for that answer.

Just a minute ago I went to lay her down for bed and told her to give me a kiss, and she said, “No kissing on the first date!”  Good Girl.

    • Mom
    • December 13th, 2007

    The last statement is priceless

    • Mom
    • December 13th, 2007

    The last statement is priceless

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