Dahson’s Daddy Date

I was headed to play Volleyball at the Y this evening after getting back from spending a good chunk of the day out and about. I thought that Kellie and the kids were all going to go, I was excited about playing Volleyball with Kellie, but that didn’t happen…oh well, next time. When I got home Dahson was the only one who was ready to go. I didn’t want her to be in the Y’s childcare all by herself, so since Kadison & Emmason wanted to stay home with Kellie, Dahson and I decided to go on a “Daddy Date.”

Stop 1. Dahson’s choice for dinner: Red Robin. I must say the child has taste. We talked about random stuff ranging from football to Tom & Jerry. From how boys are supposed to treat girls to what shape can you make with crayons. We shared some fries, and the ranch dipping sauce.

Stop 2. The dollar movies. Ratatouille had already started and the 9:30 show would have been to late, so we opted for Ice Cream instead of the movie.

Stop 3. Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream. I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, but since Dahson wanted Ice Cream on our Daddy Date, ice cream she got. We shared a bowl of those crazy little dotted ice cream pellets, and talked about our day. Her favorite part of the day was “right now daddy.” I had to agree.

Stop 4. Kroger Grocery Store. We couldn’t forget momma on our date, so we headed by the store to pick up Kellie’s favorite treat. Ice Cream. I know you are asking, “why didn’t you just get her some from Dippin’ Dots?” Because if you have ever eaten Dippin’ Dots you know that you have to eat them immediately or they melt into a clump of something unsightly. And I wanted to get her some flowers, just to brighten up her day.

Lessons Learned: Boys open the doors for girls, especially on dates. And no kissing on the first date. I’ve got to start early, they grow up too fast.

And that was our Daddy Date. Up next, Kadison. Who knows where we will end up…probably Chuck E. Cheese’s. Stay tuned.

    • Derrick & Michele
    • December 4th, 2007

    Doesn’t get any better than that.

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