Book Report: I Sold My Soul on Ebay

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Book Report” maybe since 6th grade.  The difference between then and now, is that now I’m actually reading the books…and I don’t  have to.  So I’ll cover a few topics that I think are important or maybe unimportatant in the book.  OK, here goes Book Report #1.

Title: I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eye

Author: Hemut Mehta.  Which for some reason always came together in my head as Helmet Meat.  But I have no room to talk, D’Art can be confusing as well.  So as a side note I know that when I write my first book I need to include a little section on my name.

Theme: An Atheist decides he should go to church, so he figures why not have some fun with it, and he made his church going experience a matter of an ebay auction.

Struggle: An Atheist goes to church.

Tension: While reading the book, I kept saying to myself, “you don’t know what you are talking about, because you are looking through critical lenses.”  But after all that is the purpose of the book.  A tough read if you aren’t ready for it.

Resolve: Hemant is still an Atheist after all is said and done.  He had solid reviews on churches and what that meant to him.

Takeaway:  It’s good to get a different perspective on reaching out and the impact we are making as a church in general.  Will I try to implement everything that Hemant says we as Christians should do?  No.  I’m still going to raise my hands when I worship, even if it is a bit distracting.  But I’ll try to see things though eyes I haven’t seen before.  All in all, a decent book.  I read the whole thing, so that says something positive.

D’Art’s Final Score:  3.5 darts out of 5 darts.

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