Miami Dolphins

Can I talk a minute to my 0-8 Miami Dolphins? Guys, I am with you, when no one else is, I am here. If I may give a few suggestions, who knows, they might actually help. We all know it couldn’t hurt, so here it goes.

  • Start playing football, sometimes it appears as if you are trying to win ballet dance competition.
  • Spend money on a good YOUNG QB. I mean since Dan Marino we’ve had Jay “Fiedler on the Roof”, Gus “I forgot” Frerotte, The guy who is in Oakland, Joey “Not a Dog Fighter” Harrington, Trent “Concussion” Green, and now Lemon “Aide”….Who is that? Get off your wallets and pay or draft a good young QB, or at the least let the Rookie John Beck play!
  • Update the Logo, I love the logo, and look now, but give it a shot. Tampa Bay did it and started winning, it’s worth a shot.
  • The defense is Old. Good, but old, they won’t be around much longer, take this time to retool our team. Build the team around Ronnie Brown, for crying out loud. He’s our only light of hope.
  • And when all else fails, Blame “NICK SATAN.” …I mean Nick Saban, I’m a pastor, I’m not suppose to say those things.
  1. In elementary school, Dan Marino’s sister-in-law was my bus driver.
    Cool, huh? lol.
    That’s really the only thing that ever comes to mind when someone mentions the Miami Dolphins.

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