A Glance into Yesterday.

Tonight, I stood in the grocery store and looked down the isle. There it was, about a quarter way down isle 4 on the left, near the bottom. I looked down, then up. I looked behind me, and I saw into the past. There with me in that moment was my wife Kellie and my three beautiful little girls, but when I looked behind me, none of that was present. I wasn’t even in the same grocery store, or even in the same city or state. I was taken to a simpler time. A time when gas wasn’t as expensive, where the bills weren’t what they are now, where little responsibility was to be had. But there was one thing that made that time, and this time overlap. That one thing that took me back and let me take a glimpse at nostalgia. Everything seems to have changed from that time to this. Inflation has had a strangle hold on nearly everything since that time and place, everything except this one item. And maybe that’s what caused my backward thinking mind to see a time nearly 11 years ago. This one thing hasn’t changed one bit. What was it you ask? Ramen Noodles. 8 packs for a dollar!?!?! Just like the college days. Inflation hasn’t hurt you Ramen, keep strong, keep poor college kids fed, and I’ll love you forever. So today, I bought 8 packs, partially because it’s the end of the month and money is a bit tight, and partially because I couldn’t help but feel that tug from the past.



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