Move over Mia Hamm!

Wow, it’s bee a while since I’ve entered Blogendom. It feels good to be back. Thanks for hanging out with me though my unplanned and unintentional sabbatical. I return with new eyes…today I finally began to see things though my “Father” eyes. Not the spiritual Father, but me being a dad, my eyes as a dad, through those eyes, I now look. Dahson my oldest daughter, who is somewhere between the ages of 4 and 5, played in her very first Soccer game today. It was amazing. I began to see how things are, how I so badly wanted Dahson to have a good time, to be good, to not fall down, to actually kick the ball, she didn’t even have to score a goal, just kicking the ball got me excited. I could go a lot of ways with this pastorally speaking, but I won’t. Tonight I’ll just be a dad.

Tonight I am a proud daddy.
Dahson Soccer Walk
Very proud.
Dahson Soccer Kick

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