Super Rad Staff

I just wanted everyone to know that our Student Ministry has the absolute volunteer staff around. Tonight we had a staff meeting to get on the same page for the upcoming semester. We started off by ingesting an over abundance of Mexican food, chips, and soda. After that we headed into the living room or our house to hit the meeting. Here is how it went, we talked about some of the following things:

**About the leadership structure and the way its changing
**We talked though the upcoming changes in small groups
**Finger Puppets, Ships, Stonehenge, Sombrero Man, Sponge Bob, and Spiney Monster were all made out of Twinkies
**About the fact that there should be an on-ramp as well as an off-ramp for our ministry volunteers
**Freeze dance to the tune of a $25 gift card to Red Lobster
**Some strategies to reach unchurched students
**Our goal of doubling in size this year from 100 to 200 students
**Balloon pop for a $50 Wal-Mart gift card…who could resist?

After all of the important stuff we broke out the karaoke on the PS2 and played together as teams. I think the guys won the first round and the girls wiped up on the second round. It was a great day, an incredible meeting, and an awesome way to head into our Kickoff week. I’m pumped!

  1. D’Art, you’re doing an awesome job, man! This is going to be the biggest and best year yet for Student ministries at the Creek. You and your team rock!

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