Borrowing WiFi

Well, I’m sitting in my new house, let’s say “borrowing” my neighbors WiFi signal. I’m getting pretty good signal, even though my none of my neighbors are really close. So thank you neighbor, whoever you may be. We moved in yesterday, and Kellie practically has the house just about unpacked. With the exception of things that need to go into the attic, most everything is complete.

I must apologize. I have a hard time communicating sometimes. Now I don’t mean in large groups, I feel that I’m pretty good at that, what I mean, is among friends. Here is a prime example. Kellie started moving things into the house the day we got back from San Francisco, and the following two days, moved more stuff, via the van. So my thought was that we only had large items to move, and I could take care of that without asking anyone for help. My dad called me and told me that he was going to come down and help us move, so I figured, hey! we only have a few large things to move, we can take care of it. Without really telling a soul, we rented a truck, packed it up, and moved to Georgia. And for not calling anyone to help, I apologize.

I sometimes do things on such short notice, I don’t want to bother anyone. Maybe I don’t want to bother anyone, because I don’t want to hear, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner. I could have helped.” Then I start feeling bad. The thing is, I don’t think about things sooner. I’m a kind of fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. But that doesn’t get me off the hook this time. I will try to over-communicate, not for your sake, but for mine. I want to be a better communicator and a better friend. And next time I move, I promise I’ll call…at least one person.

I’ll post pictures of the new house soon. As well as the house I think I’m borrowing WiFi from, just as a way of showing gratitude.

    • Glen Doki
    • August 3rd, 2007

    It’s normal to be reluctant to ask for help. But stop apologizing and do it anyway. We’re not afraid to say we can’t when we can’t, and we’re not inclined to berate you for the short fuse if we can.

    Need any more help?

    • Danny R.
    • August 4th, 2007

    I’m so heartbroken that you didn’t ask me for help.

    Wait, I think you did ask me for help.

    Whatever. It’s not my fault. I’m outraged. Someone has to burn.

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