Goodbye South Carolina

So we just got back from San Francisco on Monday, and on Tuesday we started moving. Although we are moving to another state, it’s really only across town. For the past 8 years we have lived in South Carolina in 8 different houses. Hopefully we will now put down some more permanent roots. We started our SC journey in Orangeburg, I know, what in the heck were we thinking…we weren’t. We lived in 4 different houses in Orangeburg. From there we moved to Rock Hill, almost North Carolina but not quite, we lived in 2 different houses. After Rock Hill we moved to North Augusta, almost Georgia but not quite, we have lived in 1 house since living here. Now we say our goodbye to the great state of South Carolina.

Hello Georgia. We are making the trek across the river, one truck load at a time. Like I said we started moving on Tuesday. We didn’t have any boxes so we just stated moving the little stuff by packing the van and crossing the river to the new house to unload. We have been doing that for the past couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday we will rent the BIG truck and move the furniture so the move will be complete. Kellie has been doing a great job. Emily has also been a huge help and she too is kicking butt and taking names. Most of the small things are out now, so the big things are next.

With a new house comes new things. Electricity, Gas, Water, Cable, Internet, Phone, Driver Licenses, and then canceling all of our current utilities. Man, seems like a lot of work to move 14 miles. Oh well, but it’s going to be worth it. So come visit us, come hang out in our sweet new house!

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