Pondering: Sunday 3:00pm

This trip really is over. I got my preach on this morning. I’ve never had the opportunity to communicate with people that I have so little in common with. I felt lost. I didn’t know where to start. I’ve never been homeless, done drugs, been addicted to anything, so helpless, or dejected. How was I going to connect. God checked me and told me that without Him, I could have been all of those things. I preached what was on my heart. And I felt like God spoke to me more than anything. After it was over, I went in the office shut the door and cried. I have never felt God more than in that church this morning. There was a lady on the front row who was obviously strung out on some kind of drug, she was flailing all over the place, and could have been a distraction, but she wasn’t.

We fly home tonight and I hope that everyone has gotten something out of this week. God was with us. Here are a few things I have learned:
**God cares about EVERYONE
**I can eat 6 In-N-Out patty’s in one sitting
**Snaps is the name of the game
**People who are the worst off believe in God
**Where there are girls there will be drama
**The TL would be a tough place to live
**I love the city
**It takes a special person to do inner city work
**Parking Garages are expensive
**It is possible to walk OVER San Francisco
**Homeless people are still people
**A lot of people pee on the streets in the TL
**The TL stands for the Tenderloin
**If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a smell must be worth 15,000
**Public Transportation is awesome
**God loves San Francisco, I know because He was there with us.

  1. Hi Brother,
    It was great to read your post about the TL. I was the pastor who started that church. I was pastor there 13 years until I turned it over to Eric. It is good to see groups like you guys still going there to do the work of God. It sounds like God really touched your heart. Keep going my brother.
    Steve Wright

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