Hybrid: Saturday 11:30pm

Our trip is coming to an end. We just have one more day to go. Good. I’m tired and worn out. My mind is hurting and my soul needs rest. Being in the TL for the last few days have had an effect on me. But today we relax. It’s down time day. Last night we had a campfire on the beach in Santa Cruz. It was wonderful. The stars were out, you could hear the ocean roaring behind us, and all seemed right. We started our nightly devotions by the campfire we built on the beach and it wasn’t 10 minutes after we got the fires going really good, we were blinded by bright headlights, and flashing red and blue light headed straight for us. The park ranger told us it was time to leave. The beach was closed. CLOSED? How does a beach close? I’m not sure, but we were kicked off the beach. We finished our devotions back at the camp we were staying at.

Speaking of camp, last night we got to sleep in real beds. The first night all week we didn’t have to sleep on the floor, or go across the street to take showers. It was a blessing. Thank you KB and Camp Glenwood for the hook up!

After a rockin breakfast we headed to the beach and to the Boardwalk for some hang out time. By the time we drove around a bit…OK now is the time I get to talk about the sweet car that we rented, a Toyota Prius. I’ve never driven a Hybrid, so figuring out how to start the car was a bit of a challenge. I finally got it. We drove it down to Santa Cruz and got 43 mpg. How awesome is that? Where was I…oh, yeah we parked at the wharf and it was time to eat. So we hit up The Dolphin at the end of the wharf for the ever famous Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl. YUM. We got our food and sat down at some tables in front of the Restaurant. A few minutes later a man from the restaurant came outside and told us that the tables we were sitting at were reserved for the people who ordered their food inside, and since we ordered at the “To Go” window we couldn’t sit there. WHAT? It’s the same restaurant, and no one was even sitting there. You have got to be kidding me! So we have only been in Santa Cruz for a couple of hours and have been kicked out of two places. Oh well. We hung out at Boardwalk, some went swimming in the Ocean, we rode The Giant Dipper, and then drove back to the TL via highway 1. It really was an amazing day of relaxation.

Now it’s time for sleep, and just wait for tomorrow. Which I’m a little nervous about, since I get the opportunity to speak. Good night from San Francisco.

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