Go Away Drunk Guy: Friday 11:30am

“Food Bank Delivery! Food Bank Delivery!” was screamed through the mail drop on the front door of the church we were sleeping in this morning. I looked at the time and saw that it was 7:15am, we still had 15 minutes to sleep. My mind was yelling “Go Away Drunk Guy!” I glanced outside to see what in the Heck this man who was shouting at us was talking about. Dawn, our fearless leader didn’t mention anything was supposed to happed this morning, so I figured that he must have the wrong building or was just going to drop off some food for the church. After all this is Hot Dog Church. But when I looked outside, I saw a big truck that said “Food Bank” on the side, and much to my surprise there was a line that had formed sometime during the night that stretched down the block and around the corner. This was for real, something was going to happen NOW. I quickly woke the rest of the group, and moved all of our sleeping bags in to the office. There was a bit of confusion, as the delivery guy was on the job for the first day, and the people coming in to set up didn’t speak much English. The line mostly consisted of people from Asian decent. We finally got it figured out, and we all pitched in to help. Sure we were all still in our pajamas, but it didn’t matter. It was actually fun. Dawn joined us a bit later and said that the pastor who usually took care of the food distribution was out of town and that she totally forgot about it. It was just an oversight, and that was fine. We were allowed to be servants, and everyone jumped right in and served with a grateful heart. It was good to see our team pull together like that. When we were thrown a curve ball, we stepped into it, and hit a home run.

  1. You guys did great. And I think the PJ’s were a nice touch.

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