Torn: Monday 10:30pm

We’ve been going for 21 hours so far today. It’s been quite the day. On our way from the BART to the church we stepped over a man who was passed out laying on the sidewalk. This is going to be a super interesting week. I immediately knew that we were going to witness things that we have been immune too.

When we got to “Hot Dog Church” we were put right to work. It feels a bit surreal; we spent some time at the Tenderloin Recreation Youth Center, hanging out with kids who live in this community. There was a kid named Lawrence who was the sharpest young kid I’ve met in a long time. He introduced himself, and we told him our names. He remembered them, all of them. I can’t help but think of what this kid has been subjected to. What has he seen in his 8 years of life? Where has he been? What does he experience on a daily basis? A glimmer of hope in the Tenderloin district. I also saw a homeless man bleeding from the nose and mouth sitting on the side of the road, and another man gloating in his victory. Obviously the younger man beat up the homeless man. In his gloating as we were walking by, he spat at James, and showed us his grill, as to show off. I wanted to elbow him in his teeth. It made me sick. I know that Jesus loves both Lawrence and the man who beat up the homeless guy the same, but why? It just doesn’t seem right to me. A lot about this city just doesn’t seem right.

Pastor Eric, the pastor of Hot Dog Church told us that in the 4 years that he has been here he has seen improvement in the community, but not much. He said that when people get Saved, and totally love Jesus, they usually move out of the neighborhood. So they don’t get to see much fruit. This week, we won’t see much fruit. But I know that God is going to challenge us, he already has challenged me. I’m looking forward to what God has for us. I’m also really looking forward to sleeping a bit. Good Night from San Francisco.

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