Overwhelmed: Thursday 7:45am

We got in late last night so I didn’t get the chance to write. But yesterday was full of exciting excitement. My friends Richard and Susan who live about an hour from here came down to hang out with us, and to help us with VBS. It’s been almost 8 years since I have seen them, so it was good to catch us a little bit. VBS went great yesterday, the energy was high, the snack was good and I think that the kids really like it. I hope that today goes just as well. Some of our students are doing a great job at connecting with some of the kids here. It’s awesome to see our students getting out of their comfort zones and doing ministry.

I saw a few things yesterday that really bothered me. I’m still trying to get my brain to figure out what in the heck is going on. I saw a man selling drugs on the corner of the street, which isn’t out of the ordinary here. Hot Dog Church is located on the corner of Turk and Jones streets, and is considered the “pills corner”. Every corner pushes a different drug. We are on the Pills corner, up the street a few blocks is the Heroin corner, the Crack corner, and so on. When dealers try to sell drugs here on the pills corner, they will just say the name of the pill that they have to sell. For example: I would be walking down the street and a man passing by me would say “OC’s, OC’s?” as he walked by. That would be my clue that he is selling Oxycontin. The man that I saw yesterday selling OC’s was walking down the street with his little daughter, she was probably 6 or 7 years old. It broke my heart. Why did she have to be exposed to that lifestyle? Will it ever stop? Does she have a chance to break the chain? I also saw a woman pushing a grocery cart last night with a baby sleeping inside. Again my heart broke. Why?

Last night we had church here. About 30 people showed up. Danny and James led worship, and did a great job. After the service I got the chance to talk with a man who came to the service. Man did he have some stories. He has been off Meth for 10 days. He told me that he felt like God had a higher purpose for him. I agreed, and I told him that God goes before us to make a way. He agreed, and then told me that he once rescued a woman from being mugged with a hammer. And some other pretty incredible stories. I’m looking forward to Sunday when we will get the chance to sit down with some of the church people and hear their stories.

On a lighter note. Karen, Kellie’s sister came in last night, and will be staying with us for a couple of days to help out. She drove her van so that we can get to Santa Cruz on Friday for some down time. Richard and Susan also brought their vehicle yesterday. Before Richard and Susan headed home, we all went out to get a bite to eat, and we piled in two vehicles. Karen’s mini-van and Richard’s Suburban. Since Karen is staying, she didn’t want to leave her van in the T.L. so after our meal she took her van to a parking garage a few blocks over. Then we ALL piled into the Suburban. All 13 of us. It was a great time.

Pray for us. We have a couple more days of intense ministry here in the T.L. before some down time. I know that some of the students as well as a few leaders are beginning to get overwhelmed. Taking it all in is quite a task, especially when this is a world apart from where we come from. God is working. I will not be the same.

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