On a Jet Plane

I’m sitting on an airplane and I’m really, really thirsty. Kellie is sitting beside me feeding me Oreo’s, which isn’t helping much, but we haven’t eaten today yet, so I’ll take what I can get. Danny is on the other side of Kellie, and behind us 6 more people from our church. Nine of us total headed on a non-stop flight to San Francisco for a weeklong mission trip.

This morning started at 9am Augusta time…did I just say 9 I meant 4am, see I’m already delusional. Everyone got to the designated meeting place, which for any youth trip is the Church, awake and on time. The trip to Atlanta went smoother than expected, we hit very little traffic. Check in went better than I had anticipated, and we were headed through the security check point to grab a bite to eat…or at least we thought that was the plan. Our flight wasn’t to leave until 9:35am, and we checked all of our bags and had boarding cards in hand at 8:00am. More than an hour and a half to get through security, eat a chicken biscuit, and board the plane, no problem, I’ve done this hundreds of times. Not today. We were directed to follow the crowd to “All Gates.” Our line took us around baggage claim, outside, back inside, though baggage claim, around the telephones, by Atlanta Bread (which has a new logo, and we decided that they are trying to be more like Panera with their new look), around a corner, beside the Sunglass Hut, and into a Disney World holding pattern. While there, we walked round and round in circles and ended up in the same place we started, but for some reason we felt better about ourselves, Disney has a way of doing that to you. We finally found our way out and stood face to face with the “Ticket and ID Checker.” We felt like we were actually making ground, which was good because our time to board the plane was quickly approaching. As cattle are led, we too were led to the next station, pushing, moving, and even the occasional moo. Finally the time to get practically naked and walk through the very invasive all metal seeing x-ray machine. We made it. Collectively as a group we only lost a few things at the checkpoint; a water bottle and a jar of peanut butter. I know you are asking yourself, who carries peanut butter with them? The answer is, I don’t know, but they won’t let it thought the checkpoint, so it got confiscated. The time when we all made it though security was 9:15. We still had to board the train to our terminal and make it to our gate before 9:25, when they cut of boarding. No food for us. Oh well, at least we made it on our flight.

This trip promises to be an exciting one. I have a few hopes: I hope that everyone has a good time. I hope that true-life change happens. I hope that we come back different. I hope that we eat at In-N-Out Burger at least twice. I hope we make a Kingdom impact. I hope we are Jesus to the people of San Francisco. I hope that it isn’t too cold, because I only brought one sweatshirt. I hope that we as a team draw closer to each other. I hope that we don’t run out of money. I hope that we have an all-together RAD time. I hope that we see Jesus in the people of San Francisco. And I hope that this turbulence stops.

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