Incredible…and Drooling

Yesterday after taking my wife out to eat for her birthday, I stopped by the Cingular Store…also now known as AT&T…it’s going to take me a while to get used to that, I liked Cingular and their branding was incredible, but that’s for another blog. So I hopped into the AT&T store and got my hands on this incredible new toy, the iPhone! It is actually as cool as the commercials make it look. I was super impressed. And when I have an extra $500 laying around, I’ll pick one up. I am amazed by the technology that this thing has trapped in its little steel body. When I returned to the car, Dahson and Kadison, my kids, told me, “It’s not your birthday Daddy, it’s Mommy’s.” Oh well, they were right. So instead of going deeper into debt, i passed and just drooled a little bit. If you don’t even want an iPhone, you need to just go to the AT&T store or Apple store, and play with it for a minute, you’ll be blown away.


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