The Wrap-up…A Week Late

A week ago, we ended our real life social experiment, also known as our family vacation.  What’s it like spending 3 days with 22 people in one house, you ask?  Well in any normal situation it would be dreaded and I’m sure it would live up to that expecatation.  But not in this case.  It was…FUN…unexpected fun.  Here are a few factors that I think really helped with that:

**The house we spent time in was 4 stories and 6 bedrooms
**There was a pool table
**There was a  jucuzzi
**Everybody got out sometime or another
**We got out everyday
**We played Bingo…and there were prizes
**Family is still family no matter what
**A pool was close by
**There was food, good food

So overall it was a great couple of day.  To tell you the truth we were dreading it just a little bit, but all turned out well.  Oh, yeah, we also saw these Bears:


They showed up while we were headed to lunch.  They got into our trash can and threw it down the hill.  Her cubs soon followed.  So we got a little taste of the wild as well.

On another note, my mom took this picture.  My brother said he took a better one, he also said he was going to send it to me so that I could post it here….Oh well someone once said: “Family is still family no matter what.”  I guess I’ll leave it at that!

Who knows, maybe we’ll do it again next year.

  1. D…
    I just discovered your blog! Life is now complete. Seriously, it is so great to know that God has you at the Creek & is doing big things in & through your life. I remember meeting you & Kelly @ WildWings for the first time and seeing that you guys wanted so badly to be in a life-giving church. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of time & a whole lot of faith & sacrifice do! We love you guys, can’t wait to see how your future is colored, and are so pumped to be your biggest cheerleaders! Oh, and dude, I’m so amped about you doing this body for life deal…you’ve motivated me! Later buddy.

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