Father’s Day Thoughts

Toady is the day that Fathers are celebrated everywhere…well almost everywhere. I realized today while I was teaching at SHIFT, our Middle School Worship envriroment, that Father’s day isn’t a great day for everyone. Sure we think that single people, mothers, children, they don’t get to participate, but that’s not who I want to talk about. I have more than a couple of students in our ministry that don’t know their father, or that their father is in jail, or are raised by their mothers to hate their estranged father. What a tough day on these guys. A day that fathers are appluaded and praised, these students don’t get it. “Why would I call my father today, I haven’t talked to him in years. And besides he doesn’t even care about me.”

If that’s you, don’t know your father or are estranged, I’m truly sorry. But you have the chance to change that, then next generation doesn’t have to endure what you have. So to you I say: Don’t get married until you know for sure that you will spend the rest of your life with that person, continue to work on your marriage, it’s not easy, but it is worth it. I’ve seen it done. Lord willing I’ll do it too. Besides it makes for a great Father’s day.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

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