Those darn Swimmies

Yesterday we played in the pool, all was well and we had a great time, until Dahson decided that she needed to go pee-pee. Out of the water she came, and off came the swimmies, that had kept her afloat for the past couple of hours. The restroom part went well, the washing of hands went well, and we even managed to stay on our feet in a very wet and slippery public restroom. The problem came when I tried to reinsert Dahson’s arm into the swimmie. I don’t know what you know about 4 year olds and water, but mine needs those things around her arms to keep her head above water, and they are called swimmies. They are constructed of plastic, and sometimes have a bit of trouble going on or coming off of a dry arm. But since her arm was still wet, I didn’t think that we would have the same problems. In a haste to return to the luke-warm water of summer, I pulled on the swimmies. Arm one went on without a hitch, arm two, no such luck. The second one was giving me a little bit of trouble so I tried to pull it on with a little more strength. A scream occurred, and the fiasco began. Now I’m no doctor, but I didn’t think much was wrong. I thought that I had pinched her, but she was really giving tender care to that left arm.

She had a tough time sleeping last night as she winced in pain. This morning we could still tell she wasn’t feeling well, so we headed to the store and picked up a sling. So Dahson has been sporting a sling for the past 6 hours. I hope all is well. We will take her to the doctor when we get home on Thursday, man I feel bad. Oh, speaking of feeling bad, we were at the outlet mall today, and a lady asked Dahson what happened. To which she replied, “My daddy hurt me.” Man I really feel bad now. All thanks to those darn Swimmies!

    • stephenanderson
    • June 14th, 2007

    Use Suntan oil to slippy up those swimmies next time. only problem with that is they slide until the oil is wettedby the pool good. bad daddy.

    • Glen Doki
    • June 29th, 2007

    About a month ago i was horsing around with my kids in the supermarket and i said “I’m going to knock your little heads together.” They laughed. Then i reached over and pushed them a bit together and said “boink!” They laughed even more. So i did it again, only this time i really did smash them together. Hard. They started screaming, and a woman looked over at me like i was a monster. The worst thing was, it was such a stupid situation and i started laughing uncontrollably even as i was trying to comfort them.

    I think i’ll be going to hell for that….

  1. June 16th, 2007

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