A Real-Life Social Experiment

Day 1. Three hours have passed, and no one has passed. The first thing you must realize, is that we have never spent more than three hours together at any given time. Before we get too deep in the story you must understand what is actually happening, and what this social experiment is all about, and who the player are.

The Players:
*I.J. Strickland (My Grandfather, and leader of this tribe)
*Lona Fay Strickland (My Grandmother, and what a great grandma name)
*R. Dwayne Strickland (My Father, typical father, and proud grandfather to my children)
*Sandy Strickland (My Mother, and cook for the week)
*Sharon Fales (My Aunt, my fathers sister, and grandfathers daughter)
*Mike Fales (My uncle, My aunts husband, and only speaks 3 words an hour)
*Derrick Strickland (My uncle, the comedian)
*Michelle Strickland (My aunt, my mothers sister-in-law)
*****At this point I lean to my brother and ask, “is this everyone?” To which he responds, “No Dummy, I’m here too!”
*Dusty Strickland (My brother, and Burger King King look-a-like)
*Summer Strickland (My sister-in-law, and local seemstress)
*Kellie Strickland (My wife, and Hottie!)
*Carla She used to be a Fales, (Newly married and unsure of last name, oh my cousin)
*Andy ??????? (Married my cousin, that’s all I know)
*Kaylee Fales (My cousin, short, and very trendy)
*Hannah Strickland (My cousin, and first to get in the Hot Tub, in 85 degree weather)
*Joel Strickland (My cousin, and redheaded vampire)
*Luchen Strickland (My nephew, and wears a napkin shirt)
*Briar Strickland (My niece, and is wearing a shirt 3 sizes too small)
*Dahson Strickland (My daughter, and leader of the little kids)
*Kadison Strickland (My daughter, and started the trend of sliding down the stairs)
*Emmason Strickland (My daughter, and youngest of the crew, also a clown)
*D’Art Strickland (Me, and final member of this social experiment)

That’s all the players involved in this Real-Life Social Experiment. Together we will spend the next couple of days in a six bedroom mini mansion in the hills of Gatlinburg, TN. It should be exciting and challenging all at the same time. I’ll keep you up to date on the happenings at the house. There will be ups and downs, funny stories and lame jokes. We will see where this journey takes us!

    • stephenanderson
    • June 12th, 2007

    Wow, that’s a ton of Strickland all in one place. I do hope you have fun, and maybe learn something. tell the girls, your mom and dad, and the rest of the family I said hi. We are still on for this weekend…. Just pray that Miss Farley doesn;t die before then.

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