Week 4: Day 25

Run. Sweat. Walk. Sweat. Run. Sweat. Walk. Sweat. Shower. Sweat. Swim. Sweat. I don’t know if you are picking up on a trend here. Here is the moral of the story. Whether or not you are working out today, you are going to sweat…wanna know why? BECAUSE ITS FREGGIN HOT OUTSIDE! But other than the sun scorching heat, the workout was good. U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” is a great song to run too. I enjoyed it, in fact I keep repeating the song for the whole workout. But I don’t really think that Bono wrote the song for days like today, because IT IS HOT! OK, I’ll stop whining, after all I’m sitting in my office cubicle, which I’ll blog about soon, and it’s a nice 71 degrees in here, so all is well…until I have to go outside. Hey look its about that time. Enjoy your day…inside!

Weigh in: 311 lbs.
Total Weight loss: 13 lbs.

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