Week 4: Day 24

Are workout blogs getting old? I mean how many times can I say, “I went to get gym today” or “Cardio Sucks” or “Lowerbody workout” without it getting old? So I have decided that I will try to continue blogging because truthfully I look forward to it, but after this week I will cut the workout blogs down to once a week. Unless there is an uprising and throngs of people want me to continue blogging about my workout every day, which I seriously doubt, because in order to have throngs of people who up-rise, you first need throngs of people who read this blog daily, and truthfully, we just don’t. I mean come on if you are reading this you are one of probably 4 people who will look at this blog today. So congratulations, you are special…but I digress. Yeah, that’s all.

Weigh in: 312 lbs.
Total Weight loss: 12 lbs.

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