Week 4: Day 22

Wow, I made it past day 21. I can now say that I am in the habit of working out! Speaking of working out, my legs hurt. Before this program started, I didn’t consider working my legs out, but now I know that it is really important, even when they do hurt. I have been keeping a workout log, with how much I lift and such. Over the past 3 weeks I have increased almost in every area of workout and average of 30 lbs. So instead of lifting 70 lbs. for example, I am now lifting 100 lbs. So not only am I loosing weight, I am gaining muscle! That to me is exciting.

If anyone is thinking about doing the Body for Life program, let me just tell you that the “free day” makes it all worth it. Yesterday I pigged out on brownies and pepsi. And it’s all OK with this program. I put on a pound, but they say (by the way who is “they?”), that overeating once a week is good for your body. I guess it lets your body know that you aren’t starving. I just think it’s great that I can drink a pepsi or two and not feel guilty.

Weigh in: 312 lbs.
Total Weight loss: 12 lbs.

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