Week 3: Day 19

I’m really starting to think that I can do this. It is getting easier to get to the gym, and the food portions are not that bad anymore. I guess a couple more days, then the habit thing happens. I’m beginning to think that 21 days to a habit is actually true. For the past 19 days, I have gone through the gamete of thoughts about the gym: I didn’t want to go, I didn’t feel like going, I was too tired, I wanted to go, I looked forward to going, I almost didn’t go, etc. But everyday, we made it. And it’s not a thought of not going, I just know that I need to go, so I do. Now I’m sure that there will be days that I won’t hit the gym, but at least it won’t be like it has been before, go for a week and a half, then one day off, and then a week off, an then never getting back to the gym. It won’t be like that.

I am a little disappointed this week as far as the weight thing goes. For the first two weeks I lost 5 lbs. a week, and this week with just one day left to go I’ve only lost 2 lbs. So total, I’m still at my 4 lbs. a week goal, but I’m afraid that next week I’ll only lose 2 lbs. and then I’ll be behind. We’ll see. Just keep pushing on. That’s my goal.

Weigh in: 312 lbs.
Total Weight loss: 12 lbs.

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