Week 3: Day 16

I had to pickup a guy at the airport this morning, so I didn’t make it to the gym….But I did do my Cardio. workout by jogging around the neighborhood. I have made a few suggestions about running outside when you aren’t use to it.

Step 1. Always start your run running uphill. That way the return trip will be down hill. I made this mistake today. I started my run by heading down hill. I felt pretty good, but the return trip almost made me have a coronary.
Step 2. If running with an ipod, secure it. I don’t have a strap for my ipod, so I had to carry it the whole time. Which made for sweaty hands.
Step 3. Be willing to kick a dog. I know this is strong language but, the dogs I saw this morning, needed to be kicked. No dog chased me, but I would rather kick the dog, then get bite by him.

I think I prefer the elliptical machine to running outside. Maybe one day my outlook will change, but for now, I’m going to stick to the gym.

Weigh in: Unknown, since I don’t have a scale at my house
Total Weight loss: 10 lbs.

    • Wes
    • May 30th, 2007

    D’Art.. you don’t get many comments. I want to change that. I’m confident people are reading, and I thoroughly enjoy eavesdropping on your life here. So comment, people!

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