Memorial Day

What a great day. Usually during Memorial Day and Labor day our family doesn’t do the typical holiday thing. I mean we don’t cook out or head to the lake, usually its just a day off that we can all hang out together as a family. But today was different.

My parents came up with their Jet Ski and we headed to the lake.  It was awesome!  I got Kellie on the Jet Ski, and we went all over the lake.  She was holding on for dear life.  Her only rule was that I not dump her into the water.  See, Kellie has this deal about getting into the water at the lake or even in the ocean.  When we went on our cruise, I had to carry her into the water in the Bahamas.  So she really didn’t want to go into the water.  Oops.  I guess I turned too hard, or we were off balance.  Over we went!  Since she was holding on for dear life, meant that I went with her too.  It was great.  Now don’t think I don’t love my wife, I do.  I truly didn’t mean to launch her off the Jet Ski into the water, I didn’t.  But since it happened on accident, it was that much sweeter.  So I got wet, oh well, the water felt great.

Now as I type this Blog, my dad is getting the grill going, very soon I will enjoy a nice steak, and maybe even a brat.  As far as the Body for Life stuff, tonight, it’s on pause.  I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day.  I hope that your day was just as fun as mine.

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