Week 2: Day 13

What a great day at the gym.  I got to the Y and there were approx. 1,232,483,384 people there!  It was very crowded, but I guess that’s what I get for going to the gym at noon on a Saturday.   Finally after finding a locker, I headed out to the elliptical machines for my cardio workout.  Just a side note, I always take my iPod to the gym, its a way to not be as focused on the time.  Today my iPod was completely dead! No music for carido day, this must be a sin.  I did my workout anyway.  Here are somethings I noticed as I worked out without music:

  • The guy on the treadmill beside me grunted a lot
  • It’s hard to read the closed caption TVs while running
  • Some guy dead lifting insisted on banging the weights around
  • I talk to myself when I’m really trying to push myself
  • That talking made a lady choose a different treadmill, not the one beside me
  • The Y staff usually just sits around and talk
  • Everybody except me was listening to some sort of device

So that was my day at the gym.  It was actually pretty neat to observe a little bit without being in my own little world.  So far it’s been a good two weeks.  Only 10 weeks left, in the Body for Life program.  I can do it.  I will do it!

Weigh in: 314lbs. –Really it’s like 313 1/2 lbs.  But you don’t count half pounds when you weigh in at over 300lbs.  So I won’t be using half pounds, until I get under 300 lbs.
Total Weight loss: 10 lbs.

    • Dave Willis
    • June 5th, 2007

    D’Art, you’re already looking buff! Keep up the great work. You da man!

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