2 Weeks in a row!

This morning I was going to sleep in…actually I did sleep in. When I finally rolled out of bed, I checked my phone to see if I had any missed calls. I did. After checking the messages, I returned the calls. It was Dave one of the pastors at our church, his newborn baby got sick and had to be taken to the Hospital last night. Everything major was ruled out, but they need to keep the baby in the Hospital for the next few days. After letting Dave know that if there was anything he needed to just let me know, he asked me for what he called a “HUGE” favor. Anything. Dave was supposed to speak tonight, but with his child in the Hospital, he didn’t need to have that stress, he needed to stay with his family. So he asked me to fill in for him tonight, in the main auditorium.

Marty, our Lead pastor is on vacation, so that leaves me. I’m sad that the baby is in the Hospital, and pray that everything is OK. I’m actually headed up there in a little bit. But I am stoked that I get to speak in what I like to call “BIG people church!” Because last week we honored our graduating seniors, I got to speak out there, so this will make 2 weeks in a row! I’m pretty excited. God, help me.

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