Week 1: Day 5

Second Upper Body workout. It was nice. The weights seemed to be heavier, but I pushed though it. It felt good.

Eating. Here has been my toughest area of improvement, but I feel like I’m doing good…except last night, when we hit up Red Robin. It was awesome. Even though we deviated a little bit, I down sized my portion. I only ate half of my chicken wrap, then for the last meal of the day, I ate the other half. Overall I fell like I’m doing well. 6 small meals a day, 1 portion carb and 1 portion protein, and 3 times a day a vegetable. And a lot of water. I’m doing pretty good with the water. It’s just adjusting how much I eat, and when I eat. So after day 5 I’m not starving, or really even craving anything. So I’ll count it a success so far. Oh, on day 7, its a free day, I can eat whatever I want. So, I’m planning my Sunday menu.

Weight: 317, down 2lbs. from yesterday, so downs 7lbs. since the beginning.

On to day 6.

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